Unified commerce is undeniably on the rise. Your consumers regularly switch from one channel to another, and knowing their path is an absolute priority.

Here’s a hint: they’re not necessarily where you think they are! Let us help you navigate the complexity of the modern buyer’s journey for a strong and successful 2024.

Based on data from 8,000 consumers and more than 800 merchants across 8 key markets, our research dives into the minds of both shoppers and retailers. Through actionable insights, you’ll come away with the information you need to be where your customers are.

In this free report, you will:

Understand the silent shift happening under the surface and how to move with the industry in 2024.
Learn more about ecommerce trends, shoppers’ preferences and delivery priorities.
Uncover the most reactive touch points and how to leverage them to create a consistent and cohesive buyer journey.
Get expert advice on how to create an integrated customer experience across various channels.

Get the inside scoop on emerging online selling trends and untapped buyer journeys


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