10 min

Welcome to The Delivery Conference 2023

Tom Forbes Chief Customer Officer, Metapack
40 min

Unveiling upcoming trends for the retail industry in 2023 -Q&

Richard Lim CEO, Retail Economics
Andrew Norman General Manager Metapack & ShipEngine

In this session, General Manager of Metapack, Andrew Norman, will discuss with CEO of Retail Economics, Richard Lim, key findings from the latest Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report, a collaboration between both companies.

The report analyzes data from 8,000 consumers and 700 merchants across 8 key international markets to uncover how an impending recession will impact spending in several major international markets, as well as the strategies online retailers around the world are employing to maintain resilience.

40 min

Panel - The battle for Survival in 2023 - Q&

Patrick Wall Founder and ex-CEO, Metapack
Gary Page General Manager, Customer Delivery and Collection Operations, John Lewis Partnership
Jim Rudall Chief Revenue Officer, Head of Revenue, EMEA, Shopify
David Stock VP Marketing, UPS
James Roper Founder Emeritus, IMRG

We’ve said it before, but perhaps never with greater accuracy: the industry is facing more challenges than ever. From reduced consumer spending, higher operating costs and continued supply chain unpredictability, the battle for survival in ecommerce is fiercer than ever. Add pressure for brands to reduce their impact on the environment, and resonate with an ever-growing consumer conscience, and things start to seem impossible.. But they’re not! In this panel, players from across the ecommerce delivery ecosystem come together to discuss strategies to survive and thrive in 2023, despite the challenges.

30 min

Enterprise product update

Emma Clarke Director, Product Management, Auctane
Brendan Adams Director of Product Management, Auctane
30 min

The store: back to the fore

Moderator: Amy Goodberry Head of Enterprise Sales UK & IE, Metapack
Karen Gibson Senior Manager, Asda

Who said high street retail was dead? As populations re-emerge in the wake of COVID-19, the physical store is experiencing somewhat of a comeback. And it’s not just because of an increase in customers through the door. After savvy brands learned to leverage physical real estate in non-traditional ways, stores have emerged as multipurpose hubs: part sales channel, part brand experience touchpoint, part fulfillment center. In this session, we hear from experts on how redefining the store has in turn redefined its business.

30 min

The power of post-purchase in preserving margins

Moderator: Emma Clarke Director, Product Management, Auctane
Stuart Hill Chief Operating Officer, MATCHESFASHION
Ivo Menting Global eCommerce Supply Chain Lead, JD eCoffee
Brian Weston Head of Research and Insight, Institute of Customer Service

Faced with a battle to survive in 2023, ecommerce retailers and brands must preserve margins at all costs. Post-purchase is presenting itself as an unlikely lever to maintain customer loyalty, drive down cost to serve, and encourage new business. Retailers explain their own experience of optimizing delivery, tracking and returns.

30 min

Improving your consumer returns experience

Moderator: Daniel Corbett Sales Manager NEU, Metapack
Jelle Schoenmaker VP Product Returns & Managing Director, ReBound
Chris Haighton Head of Logistics, The Very Group
Rachel Troke Senior Product Manager, Web and Mobile, New Look

Consumer expectations mean the demand to offer a better and more efficient returns experience is on the rise. This session looks at ways you can improve your consumer returns and the benefits you can expect.

30 min

Technology's future in the final mile

Moderator: Alex Johnston-Smith Manager, Market Analysis, Metapack
Jonathan Jenssen CEO, Relay
Matthew Price General Manager UK & Ireland, Uber Eats

As the popularity of ecommerce delivery has skyrocketed, city environments have suffered increased traffic congestion and reduced air quality. In this session, experts explain how micromobility can help reduce the impact, without compromising on delivery experience.

30 min

Micromobility in the city - a more efficient way forward

Clare Jones Chief Commercial Officer, what3words

As the popularity of ecommerce delivery has skyrocketed, city environments have suffered increased traffic congestion and reduced air quality. In this session, experts explain how micromobility can help reduce the impact, without compromising on delivery experience.

30 min

How International Click and Collect is a key online growth driver for retailers

Helen Scurfield Innovations & Development Director, Asendia UK

As more and more retailers aspire to cross-border e-commerce to grow sales, there is a pressing need to offer an exceptional buying experience, great value, convenience and choice, no matter where in the world customers are. This session will explore the importance of meeting localised needs, and addresses the issue of e-commerce brands wanting to offer Click and Collect overseas, but often not having their own stores in their target countries. Asendia speaker will explore how 3PLs can help with local knowledge, well-established last-mile delivery relationships, and fulfilment networks across different continents.

30 min

Evolution of delivery in the world of eCommerce

Marcus Hurd Director, Retail Logistics UK, Stuart

A range of new delivery propositions have transformed the last mile across a whole gamut of industries, from e-commerce and mobility, right through to grocery shopping. With eCommerce customers' demands and expectations having evolved in the post-Covid landscape, delivery propositions and delivery experience has had to innovate as well. Understand this evolution by joining our session and discover how the landscape has changed, and is changing, to satisfy the rising demand for quick, efficient and sustainable delivery.

30 min

The modern consumer expects more — here’s how to deliver

Mathias Krieger Co-founder, HIVED

In an increasingly digital world, modern day consumers are expecting more from retailers and carriers alike. Meeting these expectations, however, is just as much a challenge as it is an opportunity to attract and retain customers. Learn from CEO Mathias Krieger how HIVED is combining efficiency, sustainability and technology to improve delivery standards, empowering retailers to rise to the delivery challenge and succeed in the 21st century.

30 min

Auctane: Uniting with carriers and tech platforms

Tom Forbes SVP Channels, Auctane
30 min

Using AI to create a Truly Seamless Online Shopping Experience

Chris Kellner VP Sales & Partnerships, DigitalGenius

Like it or not, there are many points of friction within the online customer experience – from stock availability, late or missing deliveries, to managing returns and refunds. We’ll explore how AI can smooth over these points of friction to create a seamless online shopping experience.

40 min

Keynote: Economical and green ecommerce: what next?

Jack Stratten Head of Trends, Insider Trends

There is a growing demand for retailers to offer greener and more affordable consumer services in the world of ecommerce. An expert will discuss how retailers can successfully harness strategies while catering to consumer desires.

45 min

Panel: Sustainable ecommerce: no longer a nice to have - Q&

Moderator: Tom Forbes Chief Commercial Officer, Metapack
Peter Blackburn International Commercial Director, InPost
Sandra Roling Head of Transport, The Climate Group
Fabian Warmdt CEO & Co-Founder, glocally

Consumerism is one of the biggest contributors to waste on our planet, so it makes sense that ecommerce has a massive role to play in reducing its impact on the environment. In this panel we discuss opportunities across the entire supply chain, from greener delivery through to the increasing popularity of ‘re-commerce’.

30 min

Improving the Post Purchase Experience: How engagement using Conversational AI via WhatsApp & Messenger enable customer self serve and instant satisfaction

Ed Hodges CEO, HelloDone

Social Messaging has become the dominant form of communicating with each other. We'll explore how AI opens up these channels during the post purchase experience enabling customers to self serve while reducing customer contact costs.

30 min

Panel: Roadmap for the Future of the Industry

Moderator: Eduardo Guilas VP Engineering, Auctane
Carolyn Park Vice President Supply Chain, RS Group plc
Craig Summers Managing Director UKI, Manhattan Associates
Toby Hay Managing Director e-commerce Marketing, FedEx Express

Experts sit down to discuss what the future of the industry might look like and how the ever changing landscape will lead to exciting innovation in all areas.

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