As ecommerce continues to go from strength to strength, returns are a reality that retailers must contend with. The trouble is, returns can become very costly. When they’re not processed efficiently, returns can quickly eat into profit margins and keep valuable inventory offline.

But retailers must also consider the cost of not offering them, when consumers simply won’t buy without the reassurance of convenient returns.

Retailers need a returns model that’s attractive for consumers, but also efficient, cost-effective and intelligent. In the Retailers’ guide to returns, we’ll cover three practical steps top retailers are taking now to achieve just that.

Download the guide to discover how to:

Offer returns that win customers, when 69% check a retailer’s policy before buying
Optimize reverse logistics, avoiding typical costs of up to 2x the price of delivering
Use returns as a customer loyalty tool, when 57% would go back to a retailer offering convenient returns

Read the guide to crack the returns conundrum...


have been put off a purchase by the retailer’s returns policy


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