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How can your business position itself to make of the most of today’s ecommerce boom when the future is so hard to predict? Raconteur Media has released a special report in The Times titled ‘Future of Ecommerce’. It explores how the pandemic is re-shaping the industry and what brands must do to continue delighting customers in these unique and challenging times.

In the report you will find a Q&A with Metapack’s own Chief Revenue Officer Bruce Fair on the post-purchase experience, which is a key differentiator for retailers, now more than ever.

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Why the post-purchase experience is one of consumers’ top 3 considerations right now
Why supply chains must be scaled to meet demand before consumers’ patience for the ‘new normal’ wanes
How the pandemic has re-set consumers’ shopping behaviours and expectations

*As originally seen in Future of E-commerce published by Raconteur Media on 30.6.20 in THE TIMES

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