At a time where it costs up to 25 times as much to acquire a customer as it does to retain one, customer loyalty is the key to maximizing the value of hard-won ecommerce customers. No stage of the online shopping journey is more important than post-purchase.

A lot can go wrong here: late deliveries, lost parcels, incomprehensible tracking. Our latest research, combining data from 3,000 respondents across the UK, Germany and France, shows that 40.6% have bad experiences with some degree of regularity at this crucial stage. What’s worse, 59% talk about them with their friends and family, who are more put off by these stories than they are by their own bad experiences.

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Which regions, demographics and categories suffer the worst post-purchase experiences
The top factors behind negative, and positive, post-purchase experiences
The consequences of bad post-purchase experiences for reputation and customer loyalty

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