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…of consumers choose retailers with an easier returns process

…of consumers say that if a policy is unfavorable they will abandon the purchase

…of consumers who had a good experience, buy again from that retailer

…of consumers are willing to pay more for convenient return options

Here are some practical strategies to start driving more exchanges for your ecommerce business using Metapack Returns.

Point 1 Offer exchanges alongside returns on your website

With Metapack Returns, it’s easy to display live exchanges as an option alongside returns. Here’s how your customer can exchange an item in a few easy clicks…



Customer accesses portal



Selects item(s) for return or exchange



Chooses shipping method



Pays any shipping fee



Prints or downloads label



Gives parcel to carrier



Tracks parcel from portal, emails & SMS alerts



Receives exchanged item(s)

Offering live exchanges reduces friction for the customer, while helping the retailer retain the revenue of the original purchase. By automating this process on a returns portal, the exchange experience is more convenient for the customer and less resource-intensive for you. Manual returns require a much bigger team – it’s not just the expense that’s problematic here but also staffing which is getting harder and harder each year.

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Point 2 Make it easy for your customers to select the item(s) they want to exchange

Guide consumers towards processing that revenue-saving exchange by providing an intuitive experience. With Metapack Returns, it’s easy for your customer to identify the item they wish to exchange, and select the item they wish to exchange it for.

That’s why Metapack Returns integrates with 100 different shipping options across 200 countries. With a range like that, there’s something to suit everyone.

Point 3 Only offer items that are actually available

Returns and exchanges are an opportunity to build loyalty with your existing customers and encourage future purchases. However, this can easily be squandered if the process is misleading.

With Metapack Returns, you can avoid cancelled exchanges (and customer disappointment!) by limiting exchangeable items shown to items currently stocked.

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Point 4 Offer convenient exchange options

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81% choose retailers with an easier returns process.

In the case of exchanges, your customer still needs to get the item back to you, so optimizing the experience is imperative.

Providing multiple exchange methods increases the likelihood your customer will find one that meets their individual needs.

You can show product names, images, sizes, colors and quantities for exchangeable items. Customers can even filter the list by size and color.

Point 5 Offer easy payment options to recoup the costs

Many retailers opt to pass on some of the costs of returns to consumers. In those cases, it’s good to know that payments can be processed quickly and effortlessly. That’s why Metapack Returns uses Adyen to take any necessary payments within the portal, ensuring the entire process remains as smooth as possible for you and your customer.

Charging for returns is not always ‘one size fits all’, which is why Metapack Returns allows you to set rules to charge for returns in certain situations while keeping them free in others.

For example, you can configure your portal to charge for cross-border returns while keeping domestic returns free. Or you can vary charges for different services. In this case you could make PUDO low-cost or completely free, while charging more for premium services like collection from home. That way, the customer can choose the best option for them, but the fee reflects the costs incurred by the seller.

Live exchanges are a great way for retailers to turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one.

When it’s convenient and efficient for a customer to simply exchange their item, the outcome is a win-win. On the one hand, your customer ends up with an item that suits their needs, all with minimal disruption. Meanwhile, retailers can reduce revenue lost to returns, and provide a helpful experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

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