Cross-border ecommerce has never been so attractive, with eMarketer predicting its value will reach nearly $4.5 trillion by 2021. The opportunity may be alluring, but international customers can be costly to reach and difficult to please.

Consumers expect just as much from a brand located 5000 miles away as they do from the one that’s 5 miles down the road. That means fast, free, and trackable delivery, no matter where their order is coming from. And this can be complicated for retailers to provide, especially when they lack a local presence.

The secret to successful international expansion lies in finding the right balance between cost-effectiveness and customer experience. In this playbook, we outline three steps top retailers take to find the flexibility, agility and scalability they need to seize the cross-border opportunity.

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Why personalized local fulfillment propositions are key when 15% would shop more internationally if they had multiple delivery options
How to grow your regional presence practically when Accenture reports that 47% of retailers say cross-border logistics is their #1 pain point
Why global supply chain agility is essential when 28% say slow delivery puts them off overseas brands

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