The outbreak of the coronavirus has changed the way people shop. Global ecommerce has been running at peak levels since May, and supply lines are struggling to keep up. We are witnessing an age where the majority of shopping takes place online, and nearly all order fulfilment is through home delivery.  

This is a momentous shift, and it’s shining a bright light on the delivery experience – the stage from purchase through to receipt of goods which sets ecommerce apart from in-store shopping. The all-delivery era has arrived. The only question that remains is how you will adapt your own business to take advantage of it? 

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What retail peak season will look like in 2020 when online orders already grew 60% between March and June
Why 37% of shoppers wouldn’t return following a bad delivery experience – and how to avoid this happening to you!
How to convert in an environment where 46% have been put off by a company’s returns policy
The practical steps leading retailers are taking now win in the all-delivery era

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