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Challenge 1

Your tracking confuses customers... they’ll call customer service anyway

One major benefit of tracking is that it keeps your customer proactively informed about their order. They don’t need to contact you, and you can reduce customer service costs. Given one retailer we work with estimates customer service calls cost £4 apiece, these are some significant potential savings!

But you can forget about it if your customer doesn’t actually understand the tracking updates you provide. Unconsolidated third-party tracking updates are inconsistent, and filled with jargon that simply won’t mean anything to your customers. Each carrier does things very differently. Some may have 50 events and other might have 50,000, each with their own terminology, formats, and processes. As a consumer, the data and different UIs can be incredibly hard to interpret.

If your customer doesn’t understand what’s going on, they’ll call you anyway. Then no one is happy.

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Solution 1

Consolidate your tracking data

With Metapack Delivery Tracker, third-party tracking data is consolidated into consistent, easy-to-understand, jargon-free updates, which are available via a self-service portal.

You can manage all ecommerce orders through one single solution: collection points, own store collection, multi-parcel, and multi-carrier. Yes, all of them! Your customer is served relevant content, based on the delivery stage that they’re at. The portal can be easily accessed on any device, and updates are available in 17 languages.

Here’s what we’ve calculated you can achieve using consolidated tracking:

30% …reduction in customer service contact
20% …increase in click throughs
20% …net promoter score

Challenge 2

Your shopping experience is disjointed

Would you let a third party take over your website? Or your checkout page? We didn't think so. So why are you letting them take over your tracking experience?

Tracking forms a major part of your overall delivery experience. If you rely on a third-party to provide these updates, just think how much of that experience you’re ceding control over.

Post-purchase share of voice


Total retailer % of communication:

Total carrier % of communication:

82% of consumers have told us they want tracking to come from the seller.

You have spent all your Marketing budget acquiring these customers. Then by handing over your hard-earned customers to third-parties you’re putting their customer lifetime value at risk. Not to mention missing out on the opportunity to upsell and drive further conversions.

Solution 2

Take control of your tracking with a branded portal

Be the boss of your delivery experience with Metapack Delivery Tracker. The portal is fully customizable to match your brand colors, fonts and imagery, so tracking can become part of one seamless shopping journey.

You can easily control the content with code-free, quick-to-publish admin tools. That means zero ongoing development or integration costs. And if you’re managing multiple brands, guess what? You can manage multiple tracking sites from the one solution.

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Challenge 3

Your customers have a bad tracking experience

Bad delivery experiences result in customer churn. It’s as simple as that. More than one third of consumers would change retailers after a bad delivery experience.

Don’t let your tracking experience get in the way of an otherwise stellar experience.

Solution 3

User-friendly tracking to convert and retain

With Metapack Delivery Tracker, you can provide an unbeatable tracking experience that keeps customers coming back for more. And it’s not just us who think so: Delivery Tracker has won two major awards since it was released, ‘Best innovation in eCommerce Delivery/Logistics’ at the eCommerce Awards 2020, and more recently the ‘Innovation award’ at the highly coveted World Post & Parcel Awards 2021.

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